” On a basic level, Evolution Boxing keeps my children and me in great physical shape, yet our training lifts us beyond the physical where we apply the ideals of the dojang to all aspects of our lives; from my children’s academic studies and how they treat others, to my career as a photographer. Hapkido, and our dojang in particular, stresses that true strength comes from the development and nurturing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves and as a father and as a Evolution Boxing practitioner, I feel a solid foundation is being laid that will serve my children and me well for the rest of our lives. “
Ken, 45, photographer
” Boxing made a serious impact on my life. It has given me qualities that I wouldn’t be able to achieve without it. Boxing has given me discipline, focus, awareness, and determination. I have just started high school, as a freshman, and these qualities help me to succeed and move on in life. There is always something to learn in martial arts, which shows that there is always something to learn. If you are thinking about joining this martial arts school, you are assured to gain a more successful life. “
Romare, 24, high school student
” Growing up in an environment where danger of being mugged and attacked was always present, learning martial arts for me initially was about learning how to protect myself. I later realized that having physical skills are only tools that are useless unless one has mental strength to not be overwhelmed by emotions and spiritual awareness necessary to take the right action at the right time. So I started looking for a school that addresses not only the physical aspect of martial arts but also mental and spiritual ones as well. As soon as I walked into WMAC I knew I came to the right place as I was engulfed by a calming environment and greeted by a friendly staff. While watching my first class I observed the instructor who was highly skilled and projected not only confidence and power, but also calmness and patience addressing needs of students with varying skill levels. After joining the school I learned solid self defense techniques and made friends with a diverse group of people I would have never gotten a chance to meet if it weren’t for WMAC which fosters personal character development as well as cooperation, support and mutual respect among students. “
Dmitriy, 31, investment professional

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