How to get in shape by summer!!!

Slow and steady does not win the race.
Unlike most other training programs,
boxing is unique because you will see
results in a matter of weeks. This is
an amazing way to get in shape in a short
period of time. Although Evolution Boxing
trains competitive boxers, many people
come to the gym to train just for the incredible
physical benefits that are earned.
At Evolution, they cater to both groups.
They want you to train at a high level, but
also recognize that each individual has their
own high level. Accordingly, the trainers
tailor the program to meet your own level
of comfort and fitness, with an eye toward
continuous progression. Every person has
their own strengths and weaknesses.
At Evolution Boxing, they put each individual
through a boxing training program
that replicates a professional boxer’s
regiment eight weeks before a fight. Now
don’t let this intimidate you for a second.
The first principle of boxing training is to
discover the boxer’s individual strengths
and weaknesses. Again, this program is
tailored toward your needs. Even so, the
results are astonishing: A person who
never threw a punch before could look like
they have been boxing for years after three
weeks in their program.
Boxing is 70 percent anaerobic and 30
percent aerobic. Anaerobic means that a
person conducts physical activity without
oxygen. A perfect example: You see a
boxer throw a series of punches together,
also known as a combination. The aerobic
portion is when the boxer moves around
the ring and throws one or two punches
at the same steady pace. He can do so because
of the interval training he has done,
which conditions his heart and lungs to
keep going. By doing this, you condition
your entire body.
Did you know that 80 percent of the
power generated in a punch comes from the
legs, hips and abdominal area? Precisely
because of this, it is the perfect program
to start working on that six pack and lose
those love handles. Women will tighten the
loose skin in the triceps area because Evolution
Boxing trains in high repetition. Your body
will become leaner, thus giving you that
beach-ready look that you have coveted all
year. If you follow their program, you will
get the results you need by summer.

Anthony Pezzolanti
Evolution Boxing

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