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How to Get Rid Of Flabby Arms –

Repetition – Repetition – Repetition is the key! In Boxing one of our most useful tools is
The “Speed Bag”. This is a great exercise to build Hand Eye coordination, Cardio and of course speed. Because of the constant repetition, and positioning of your arms this is
One of the best exercises to tighten up your Shoulders, Biceps and most importantly your Triceps. Your Triceps consist of 75% of your arm. The Inner, the outer and the killer as you get older. The bottom. Use the Speed Bag Based on 3-minute rounds followed by a 1-minute rest period. Start out with 4 rounds per day 3 days per week. Then on your second week move it up to 6 rounds. The goal is to get to 8 rounds. Within a month you will see a huge difference. It is going to take you some time to get the timing so be patient and stay with it. The results are well worth the effort!!

Anthony Pezzoalnti

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