Todays Boxer
Today’s athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger. Science has evolved at an alarming rate. We now understand the intricate nature of how the human body works. This knowledge has a direct carryover to the world of boxing.
Boxing is an explosive, anaerobic sport.

The act of throwing punches, round after round, while contending with an attacking opponent is a daunting task. Boxing is perhaps the most
physically demanding sport of all.

As a boxer, you must punch, slip, and block with split second movements and reactions. A boxer must be prepared to fight with intensity, round after round. Your body must be conditioned to throw the same explosive punches in the last round that you started with in round one.

Classifications for each Boxer


Professional boxing, or what is also known as prizefighting, emerged in the early twentieth century as boxing gradually attained legitimacy and became a regulated, sanctioned sport. Professional boxing bouts are fought for a bounty, which is divided among the fighters and promoters as determined by contract. A state athletic commission to guarantee the fighters’ safety must approve all legal professional bouts. Additionally, most high-profile bouts obtain the endorsement of a private sanctioning body, which awards championships, establishes rules, and assigns referees. Professional bouts are typically much longer than amateur bouts, and can last up to twelve rounds. Rounds are (3) minutes in length.


Amateur boxing bouts are short in duration and fighters wear head protection, so this type of competition prizes point scoring (based on number of clean punches landed) rather than physical power. Bouts comprise four rounds of two minute intervals in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and four rounds of two minute intervals in a national ABA (Amateur Boxing Association) bout, each with a one-minute “break” intervals between rounds.

Blue Collar

This program is for everyone else. We set this up for everyone who has ever wanted to learn the skill of Boxing but does not want to look it the next day!
For instance, we cater to CEO’s, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and students, Police and more. We understand that you may want to train like a professional boxer, but, understandably, you have no desire to get hit. So we created this package just for you! Boxing not only builds your physical strength, but it builds your mental strength as well. The confidence and courage you gain with this training unlike any other training regiment.

Bully Proof your Child

In this day of video games and internet sites, too many kids spends too many hours sitting in front of computer and getting little to no exercise. More than ever we need to protect our children from not only a sheltered sedentary life and cyber bullying, but from complacency. This program is a great for children because it will build physical strength and, equally as important, self-discipline and confidence.
Your child will not only learn a time-honored fighting skill that provides a great defense from bullies but he or she will also get in great shape in the process.